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The Harouni Residence (Los Angeles)
The Emanual Residence (Los Angeles)
The Harouni (Los Angeles)
The Umansky Residence (Santa Monica)
The Umansky Residence (Santa Monica)
2610 31st St (Sunset Park)
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The Saghian Residence
The Bell Residence (Santa Monica)
The Tabibi Residence (Beverly Hills)
The Stewart Residence (Los Angeles)
Terrenea Resort (Rancho Palos Verdes)
The Cutler Residence (Los Angeles)
Lucia Singer & Darrach McCarthy (Los Angeles)
The Share Residence (Los Angeles)
The Wais Residence
The Robertson Residence (Santa Monica)
The Wais Residence (Culver City)
3334 Cattaraugus Ave (McManus)
Javaheri Residence (Brentwood)
3114 4th St (Ocean Park)
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